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We want to be the complete turnkey service provider for all of your wireless needs. We are experts in technology, construction, maintenance and planning. There are many skills we’re proud of, but the services below are where we really shine.

Wireless Home

With the recent increase in mobile broadband users, the requirement for fast, mobile data connectivity has increased

 As this demand is skyrocketing at an exponential rate, so is the pressure on carriers to keep up with that demand and retain customer satisfaction, all while containing costs and maintaining a healthy revenue profile.


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HVAC home

HVAC unit longevity depends on location and proper maintenance.

If a unit is not maintained, it will run more often, use more electricity and wear out faster. In fact, a non-maintained HVAC unit will function about 40 percent shorter than a properly maintained unit. Many carriers do not routinely maintain their HVAC and backup HVAC units and react only when an alarm is triggered. At this point it becomes more expensive to diagnose and repair the problem.


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Generator Home

Backup Generator Maintenance Ensures Support When Needed Most

In the event of natural disasters or brownouts, battery backups are intended to power cell sites for four to six hours, followed by backup generators. Many carriers still continue to neglect battery maintenance, which contributes to shorter life spans and failures when carriers need it most.

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Construction home

Signal Point Systems has decades of experience providing turnkey solutions for designing, building, and maintaining commercial build-outs or ground-up construction.

Our range of services encompasses Pre-Construction, Construction and Post-Construction. We deliver exceptional value in each phase due to our commitment to 100% on time completion of cost effective and high quality construction.


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Maintenance home

The most important aspects of a carrier’s service are the quality of their network and availability of their service.

To keep their networks at peak performance and prevent site failures, carriers must maintain and periodically replace air conditioners, batteries, generators and other equipment used at their wireless sites as they approach or exceed the end of their useful lives.


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Over 40 years experience in the wireless industry.


Experienced teams keeping towers, HVAC & generators up and running.


Capable of responding to extreme situations and emergencies.

Signal Point Systems is a leader in Small Cell Installation

Managing over 25,000 small cell sites in the United States today!

why small cell technology?

Increase your network with small cells
  • Ensures a much more efficient coverage area with fewer connectivity gaps
  • Significantly boosts the capacity of the network, they are smaller, quicker and are faster to deploy
  • Exponentially increase cell capacity with in-fill locations as well as along macro cell edge where capacity often experiences a drop
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small cell technology is most cost effective
  • Lower cost points in comparison to larger cell infrastructure
  • Small cell units can use existing street ‘furniture’ such as street lamps and utility poles
  • All-outdoor design, eliminates need for enclosures, air-conditioning units and other costly requirements of split indoor/outdoor deployments
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More than 200,000 wireless towers constructed

get your signal on point today

Maintained Generators


Small Cell Sites