Four BIG Reasons Small Cells are the Face of the Future

Four BIG Reasons Small Cells are the Face of the Future


The next big thing in technology is here, although chances are, you probably haven’t seen it. Small cell technology is making a big impact all over the world, bringing greater service to more people all over the world. Never heard of small cell technology? Confused about how this recent transformation can make a difference in the future? Check out these four reasons small cell technology is here to stay and is already making a difference!


  1. It Cuts the Fat.


Just like the latest diet craves to get rid of the fat, so too does technology. Historically, cell phone towers have been large and obtrusive. They’re a real eye sore, if you get where we’re going… Size is a major asset of small cell technology: its compact size has the charming ability to cast signals without the bulk of an ugly tower. Small cell technology aims to break down all of the components of a traditional cell tower and compact them into a small unit, about the size of an orange. Just think about that the next time you’re sipping a glass of orange juice at breakfast and browsing through your smart phone.


  1. It has Strength in Numbers.


The truth is that smaller cells do not possess the same strength as a traditional full-scale tower. And in theory, this weakened strength may lead you to believe you’d have less signal. But, because small cell technology is just that… small! It means that you can put more of these systems into one area to enhance antenna arrays. So, while you might have one tower standing alone miles and miles from the next, you can unnoticeably have multiple small cells within the same area to help boost your signal.  It’s the old, strength in numbers philosophy.  One alone may not be able to amount to the power of a cell tower, but many, discreetly spread a few throughout an area will do the job just as well as that Daddy Cell Tower.


  1. It Pinches Pennies


One of the best assets to cell small technology is its cost effectiveness. Small cell technology takes less to deploy than traditional towers (called macrocells). Read this: the hardware required to construct small cells are about 8 to 12 times LESS expensive than that required for macrocells. Additionally, longitudinally, small cell technology requires fewer expenses for repairs, upkeep and logistics.


  1. It’s Evolving.


Small cell technology is powerful because it has the ability to continue evolving. And so, while a cell phone tower in the middle of the field will always just be a cell phone tower in the middle of the field, small cell technology will continue to evolve and grow over in the future. The possibilities are endless. We live in a time, when our ability to access information when we need it from anywhere in the world is an essential and common part of our daily habits and success. We believe that the fluid powers of small cell technology will better our lives, making things easier for us in the long run.

Cell phones and technology are here to stay. And how we react to their presence will have a major effect on each of our lives. Small cell technology will therefore continue to play a major part in our lives and our willingness to accept it will set us apart from the rest.

Interested in learning more about small cell technology, then stick around. We have more blog posts for you coming up over the next month!