SPS expertly manages and maintains your sites. We routinely maintain landscaping and access roads, check structure integrity, monitor equipment performance, remove pests or unwanted “guests” and keep sites clean and free of debris. This ongoing attention from our team gives your site a favorable appearance, reduces risk and liability and can even predict future issues by identifying deteriorating equipment or structures. Let us maintain your site so you don’t have to worry about the little things that can potentially turn into big things.

Macro-site Services:

• Shelter repairs including roofs, floors, walls (interior and exterior), door replacements, and fencing

• Electrical / grounding repairs and replacements including lighting and outlets

• Roadwork & concrete services

Commercial Facilities Services:

• Our in-house crews are trained to satisfy your architectural needs as well as mechanical and electrical plumbing (MEP)

• We offer building services ready to customize any existing office or retail space. With this much expertise under one roof, we are ready to get to work on whatever you need.

What to Expect From SPS:

With over 8,000 wireless site constructions under our belt, and 190 trucks in the field ready to service and maintain over 25,000 cell sites, Signal Point Systems has the unique ability to support you whenever you need us. Just call our dispatch center fully staffed at all times, 24 hours and 7 days a week. Our customers are able to access our online database to view photos, maintenance history, schedules, and billing information. You will never wonder how we're serving you.