New Generator Services, Sales & Installation

Signal Point Systems, Inc. is dedicated to selling quality standby, prime, and portable generator products. Signal Point Systems sells, installs, services, and maintains generators. Sales are not limited to the systems assembled by Signal Point but also include other generator products. Lynx Power, owned and operated by Signal Point Systems has years of experience and knowledge to offer products that are designed and built with “real world” concerns in mind. Lynx Power offers a full line of LP, Natural Gas, and Diesel generator products from 10kw units to 1000kw units. Lynx’s products are designed and built to minimize cost, maximize quality, and maximize service ability.

Sales, Disposal & Replacement of Old Equipment

Signal Point Systems can handle the complete process of removing an old generator, properly disposing of the unit and installation of a replacement unit. We can also facilitate the sale of used equipment so that our customers to help lower the replacement cost.