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Wireless Technology

SPS provides small cell wireless planning, design and installation including network design, radio frequency (RF) engineering, site acquisition, fiber upgrades, including dark fiber, and testing, microwave installation and testing.

Generator Services

Power outages in any business can be catastrophic. This is why we not only sell generators, but we provide the maintenance and service required to keep businesses operating, even when utility power is lost. We will build, install and maintain in the most difficult to reach areas.

HVAC Services

Properly functioning HVAC systems are critical to the ongoing operation of your equipment for daily use as well as emergency situation. Commercial industrial equipment and hardware, typically require specific climate, temperature and humidity control to ensure continuous operation.

Maintenance Services

PS expertly manages and maintains your sites. We routinely maintain landscaping and access roads, check structure integrity, monitor equipment performance, remove pests or unwanted “guests” and keep sites clean and free of debris. This ongoing attention from our team gives your site a favorable appearance, reduces risk and liability and can even predict future issues by identifying deteriorating equipment or structures.