Our wireless turnkey & small cell deployment services provide general and electrical contracting services to tower management companies and service providers. Whether your project is building towers or boosting wireless capabilities through adding small cells, or you need help maintaining and servicing your existing equipment, we are ready to help.

Wireless Tower Sites & Construction

Our services include but are not limited to macro-sites: Raw Land, co-locations, structural tower enhancements, lines and antennas (L&A) installation, complete tower & equipment maintenance and services (24 / 7)

• Sales and installation of street lights, utility poles, and roof tops necessary for Small Cell installations

Small Cell Deployment

SPS provides small cell wireless planning, design and installation including network design, radio frequency (RF) engineering, site acquisition, fiber upgrades, including dark fiber, and testing, microwave installation and testing.

Our Turnkey Small Cell Solutions Include:

• Site Aquisition

• Regulatory Zoning, Planning, & Permitting

• Project Management

• Equipment & Antenna Installation

• System Optimization & Testing

• Maintenance