Signal Point Systems is a complete turnkey service provider for all wireless needs. As experts in technology, we provide planning, construction & maintenance services including HVAC, generators, and special service projects.

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Small Cell – Bringing the network closer to the user.

Small cells bring network closer to user, where and when needed, and are key part of the solutions to the 1000x challenge. But it’s just not about adding small cells; optimizations bring much more out of them.


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Generators – Ensure support when needed most.

In the event of natural disasters or brownouts, battery backups are intended to power cell sites for four to six hours, followed by backup generators. Many carriers still continue to neglect battery maintenance, which contributes to shorter life spans and failures when carriers need it most.


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Field Services – Maintain your network and availability.

To keep their networks at peak performance and prevent site failures, carriers must maintain and periodically replace air conditioners, batteries, generators and other equipment used at their wireless sites as they approach or exceed the end of their useful lives.


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HVAC – Maintenance and location create longevity.

If a unit is not maintained, it will run more often, use more electricity and wear out faster. In fact, a non-maintained HVAC unit will function about 40 percent shorter than a properly maintained unit. Many carriers do not routinely maintain their HVAC and backup HVAC units and react only when an alarm is triggered. At this point it becomes more expensive to diagnose and repair the problem.


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Construction – From wireless towers to commercial build-outs.

Our range of services encompasses Pre-Construction, Construction and Post-Construction. We deliver exceptional value in each phase due to our commitment to 100% on time completion of cost effective and high quality construction.


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Signal Point is a leader in Small Cell Deployment